Wellbeing Update for Parents and Pupils

Dear Parents, 

We know that wellbeing matters and during these challenging times we recognise that it  matters more than ever. Please see below tips and information that may help you during these uncertain:

  • If you require any information on benefits, grants or other forms of family support services please contact the school and speak to Ms Kor our Family Support Worker who will be happy to talk with you – Ms Kor is currently making touch-base calls to a number of our families
  • If you have children under 5, do not hesitate to contact our Children’s Centre to see what support they can offer you. A list of available online support sessions can be found on our website https://maryland.newham.sch.uk/childrens-centre-nursery/childrens-centre-2/
  • If you require any technical or academic support for remote learning, please call the school office team on 02085348135 or the senior leadership team or email us at info@maryland.newham.sch.uk
  • We are also about to send out a parent survey to all parents where you can highlight any other areas of support that you feel would be useful
  • If you are concerned about your child’s mental health during this time please contact Mr Lock via the school telephone number or info email address


Top tips for parents whose children are learning remotely from home 

1. Try to create a daily routine

This includes waking up at a regular time each day, having a healthy breakfast, getting dressed, scheduling in when work tasks will be completed as well as regular screen breaks and time to enjoy some physical activities.

2. Communicate and interact with the class teacher and classmates via the daily Google Meet

Each day you have the opportunity to log on to meet the class teacher and other pupils in the class. This not only provides the teacher an opportunity to address any misconceptions to do with learning but provides pupils with the opportunity to see their teachers and peers and interact socially with them.

3. Practise mindfulness

Set aside some time each day for meditation or yoga. It could be as little as five minutes or as much as an hour. Meditation will help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as helping you relax. Search online for some suggested activities – for example visit:  https://www.superhealthykids.com/kid-fitness/yoga-meditation-kids/

4. Have other activities planned

Teachers plan a variety of tasks online for remote learning which includes not only those activities which should be completed using a screen (online) but teachers will also set activities that can be completed offline which are more hands on or verbal for example.  In addition to this, try to plan out other activities during the day to create brain breaks. This may help to improve your child’s concentration levels. You could bake, watch a film, call friends and family or have a relaxing bath or shower.

5. Be kind to yourself

We know that your primary job is being a parent, not your child’s teacher. Therefore please be assured that we understand you may find it challenging when supporting your child with their remote learning from home. We are here to support you should you need it.


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