School day and extended day

School day

The school day begins at 8.55am (morning registration). Pupils should be collected between 3.15pm and 3.25pm.
The school week is 32.5 hours per week. 


Nursery school day

Maryland nursery offers 15 hour places: morning 8.45am- 11.45am or afternoon 12.20pm – 3.20pm. We offer a limited number of 30 hour places.
Please see the nursery page for further information about the nursery day.


Extended day

                                                                                   At Maryland Primary School we understand that some parents appreciate an extended day. Wright Education are based at Maryland Primary School, they offer homework support and extra curricular activities outside of school hours. Meals are also provided. For more information about Wright Education’s services including fees please call 07852137462 or email

Alternatively visit their website

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