Student Council and Pupil Voice

Maryland Primary Schools School Council

What is School Council?

Maryland Primary school’s School Council is a group of children who meet twice a month to discuss important aspects of school life. The School Council members are voted in at the start of the year. Each class elects members, one boy and one girl, to represent them 

Why do we have a School Council at Maryland?

  • To improve the school according to the children’s point of view.
  • To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.
  • To discuss and raise issues.

Who are our proud School Council members this year?

Class 5: Mara and Rafal 
Class 6: Ruby and David
Class 7: Rana and Mikaeel
Class 8: Elizabeth and Kajus
Class 9: Chantel and Denis
Class 10: Maryam and Ridwan
Class 11: Gerta and Abdiwali
Class 12: Nathan and Lakshmi
Class 13: Saeed and Naz
Class 14: Amina and Musa

Similar to the UK Government set-up, in addition to their School Council rep duties, elected children have taken on additional roles.  These roles will help implement the British Values in our school.

Executive Think Tank  Lakshmi and Amina
Playground Ambassador 
Lunchtime Analyst Chantel and Lakshmi
Clubs President Denis and Amina 
Anti-Bully Ambassador Elizabeth and Saeed
Head of Premises Rana and Mikaeel
Trips Consultant       Ruby and Kajus
Chief Technology Officer
David and Abdiwali
Library Curator
Rafal and Maryam
Student Voice Treasurer Mara and Lakshmi
Chief Mediators Ridwan and Gerta
Events Leader Nathan and Musa


Maryland Primary Schools Monitors

Who are Maryland Primary Schools Monitors?

In Year 6 we like to encourage our children to take on different areas of responsibility and set a good example to the rest of the school. We also believe this teaches our Year 6 children how to work as part of a team, help others and they develop empathy skills whilst working with younger children in school. Each child is assigned a different role which they take ownership of and fulfil to the best of their ability.

Why are Monitors so important for Maryland?

Maryland’s monitors play a key role in helping to maintain good order around the school and to help implement and promote the school’s ethos.

Some of the many important roles which our Monitors undertake are listed below:

  • Library Monitors
  • Office Monitors
  • Welfare and Learning Monitors
  • Chromebook Monitors
  • Dining Hall Monitors
  • Class Monitors
  • Infant and Junior Hall Monitors
  • Certificate Monitors

Maryland Primary Schools Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputies

Aayan – Deputy Head Boy   Milan – Deputy Head Girl    Anika – Head Girl     Jethro – Head Boy

Head Boy and Head Girl

Maryland’s Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for promoting and representing the school by being a role model, setting an example of a respectable citizen and good ambassador for other children. We have also appointed a Deputy Head Boy and Girl who help out on the day-to-day duties of Head Boy and Girl, as well as looking after the school and creating a link between teachers and children. Our Head Boy and Head Girl and the two Deputy Heads have undergone a rigorous selection process.  This included completing nomination forms signed by two members of staff, delivering their speech at Maryland’s hustings event, publicising through posters and then going through an election process in the school.  We have tried to replicate the Government election process.

Some of the many important duties our Head boy, Head Girl and our two Deputies undertake are listed below:

  •         To be internal and external ambassadors for the school.
  •         To act as positive role models for all students at Maryland.
  •         To greet and show important visitors around Maryland.
  •         To organise and plan regular meetings with the School Council and ensure that decisions are carried out.
  •         To take part in charity and fundraising events for the school.
  •         To make speeches promoting the school.
  •         To organise events which promote British Values within the school.

To ensure the smooth running of every assembly given at Maryland.