The facts and figures of both Newham as a whole, and Maryland Primary School as a particular place of unique employment can be researched through the links below.

The simple answer is that MPS has an individual uniqueness ultimately driven by an overriding ethos of successful improvement that is shared by the pupils, staff and governing body alike.

Please read all of the available documents and make all of the usual comparisons and then – come visit. I’m sure you will be delighted with what you find here.

Kindest regards Annette Gordon Chair of Governors

Why Maryland?

What makes Maryland unique:

  • Curriculum innovators.
  • Independent research projects and initiatives improve standards. See school website ‘Our initiatives’.
  • Stable staffing –all but one classroom teacher was a NQT in the school. Long-serving support staff.
  • HT rest of leadership team train, coach, moderate and mentor externally.
  • Nurturing staff ambition and providing CPD to realise that ambition. We also foster an environment where potential is recognised, highlighted and encouraged.
  • Model school for RWI since 2006.
  • Model school for Google Education
  • Awards for choir, nature garden, dance troupe, 2016 debate winners.
  • High level of parental engagement and satisfaction.
  • Cluckingham Palace where our beloved hens provide us with eggs and many learning opportunities.
  • Award winning Nature’s Garden – our rich resource for outdoor learning. Also offered as a resource to other schools.
  • Prevailing environment of calm and common purpose and a place children enjoy coming to every day.

Why is working in Newham unique?

  • A financial welcome package for NQTs and relocation advantages See more at Newham Teacher Recruitment
  • NQT induction programme
  • Inner London Weighting salary
  • Newham employee discounts at major venues and events
  • Other benefits, including Newham employee discounts, e.g. O2
  • Work in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country

What do our children say?

“I never miss school. I love everything we do here … I love my lessons.” – Pheobe Yr 6

“My teacher makes sure I know how to do well and never miss out.” – Aaron Yr 6

What visitors to our school say?

“My colleagues and I are so happy to visit this excellent school. We got so much precious information from you.” – Professor Kihara, Osaka University

“Thank you for an inspirational and thought-provoking day. Your children were so engaged in their learning.” – A Parry, Rotherham  School Effectiveness Service

“The children showed great independent learning. Your school is a wonderful place for the children and adults to flourish” – M Trotman, Headteacher Crowland Primary School

“The minute I entered the school, I felt the warmth, joy and calm, calm atmosphere. Teachers’ expectations are high, children are polite and delightful. Literacy is so strong!”  – M Irwin, Ruth Miskin Training

What do our parents say?

“School is excellent in all, projects, studies and teaching staff.” – Parent feedback 2016 parent survey

“A school that invests in each of their students. I am amazed frequently by the information on learning my daughter tells me about.” – Parent

“Maryland constantly looks at ways to improve performance without compromising on children’s happiness.” – Parent feedback comment 2016 parent survey.

“As a parent, we are are kept well informed of our children’s progress. We go to all the many events the school holds and the kids love those.” – Parent

“My child has had so many opportunities at Maryland to excel in hs work and creatively.” – Parent

“I have got so much encouragement and advice from the staff at Maryland Children’s Centre”– Children’s centre visitor.

“Without Maryland Children’s Centre’s encouragement I would not have found a route back into employment after taking time off to look after my new child” – Children’s centre visitor.

“My child would not have made such a good start in Nursery without attending Maryland Children’s Centre the year before” – Parent.

What do our staff say about Maryland?

“There is so much that is interesting and unique for children and staff in this school” – Assistant Headteacher

“I started as a TA and I am now a Teacher, with responsibility for Creative art” – Teacher

“We take pride in the school, promoting good attendance, promoting good behaviour” – Teacher Assistant

“We are always given opportunities to shine and have our ambitions fulfilled” – Teacher