We provide children at Maryland with the opportunity to participate in a range of enrichment activities which include:


Basketball club

Basketball is an exciting sport for young children to develop skills such as agility, alertness, and endurance. Basketball is a team sport that can give your child a physical and mental challenge while building their confidence and social skills.




Pupils will have the opportunity to further develop their musical abilities through singing and gain confidence to perform including to our local community.

Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is fun! That’s what our pupils say.  Build a balloon powered car, program robots to move across water, design games using Scratch, use Python and JavaScript and much more. Check out to find out more information.

Art Club

Pupils will look at different artists and learn how to develop the use of varying stylesmediums and techniques. Pupils work is regularly displayed and celebrated around the school. From time to time we also create pop-up galleries so parents and the local community can view the art that the children produce.

Maryland Movers

Children will learn various types of dance enhancing their coordinationdiscipline and team work. Maryland Movers put together routines which are performed to the local community, children also have the opportunity to compete nationally.


Fencing and Archery club

Fencing and Archery are exciting sports for young children to develop skills such as agilityalertnessendurance and hand-eye coordination. Fencing is a great cardiovascular exercise, using several sets of muscles. Fencing and Archery with their complex physical manoeuvres help develop muscle strengthflexibility, and coordination


A Young Boy Playing Archery Stock Vector - Illustration of dartboard,  archery: 182448516

French club

Pupils will have the opportunity to further develop their French speaking skills in a fun and engaging way with their peers, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in the wider world.


Football club

Football supports young players develop speed and fluidity.  The game supports players in understanding and improving their skills in the transition (counter-attacking) phase. Players will develop close control, teamwork and discipline. Find out more information at



Martial Arts club

POON DOJO teaches Nei Chuan Martial Arts which helps enhance the physical, mental and emotional development of a child as well as self-discipline.


Nature club

In this club, children get even more opportunities to learn about nature by taking part in fun learning activities in our Nature’s Garden which is located in our junior playground. Children might choose to do pond dippingplantingresearch insects and much more.


Chess club


To learn key skills of strategy, visualisation, tactics and calculation via the game of chess.


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Debate club


A debate club gives pupils of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. You can use a range of activities to help pupils with their critical thinking and confident communication.

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 Multi-skills Club

Multiskills involves the mastery of the fundamental movement skills and their development into complex and functional movement skills. This enables children to participate in more than one kind of sport or physical activity providing a sound base for long-term engagement in sport or other forms of physical activity


Cricket Club 

Children will be learning fundamental movement skills including catching, throwing, batting and strategy.