Professor Kihara visits Maryland!

Here are a few snippets of what he said. We should be really proud! Well done everyone and thank you for all your hard work.

  • “Children were learning deeply. Interactive and active learning.”
  •  “Very creative.” “co-ordinated”, “sophisticated”
  • “Could see equality in the curriculum.”
  • “Feedback policy impressive – for learning and assessment”
  • “Professor Kihara praised writing stamina – it is a much higher standard than Japanese children that age”
  • “Thoughtful curriculum design and there are lots of opportunities outside of the classroom “
  • “Children were enthusiastic and proud of their school 
  • He praised the content of Monday’s assembly and said it was ‘carefully designed’. SLT were ‘models of excellence’.
  • He commented ‘books are everywhere’ when looking at Reading for Pleasure. 
  • In Japan they teach ‘diversity education’. Prof asked what was the difference between ‘diversity and equality’ Reply: diversity was more to do with ‘culture’
  • In Japan, diversity taught through ‘moral education’ and Social Studies
  • Prof. K logic and strategic used during Y5 indoor PE lesson was powerful and challenging 
  • Children were very engaged and he commented on learning such as talk partners ‘It helped the learners learn’ 
  • “You do the younger children’s education (EYFS) better than we do in Japan”
  • “Teachers in Japan do not link play to learning” (EYFS)