School Uniform

  The school colours are royal blue , white and grey. This applies to socks, tights, hair accessories. All items can be purchased from the school office, school stockist or (in school colours, but without school logo) from local shops or leading chain stores.



  Grey pinafore, skirt, trousers, jogging pants.
  Royal blue sweatshirt, cardigan, pullover, fleece jacket.
  White blouse, shirt, polo T-shirt (a T-shirt with a collar). Polo shirts are encouraged as they are cooler under jumpers and without cuffs

  Religious head coverings must also be in school colours (royal blue, grey or white) without patterns or tassels hanging down they should rest on the shoulders and not cover the school badge.
  Black shoes (*see below)

  A warm coat, preferably with a hood, and gloves, scarf, hat.  

                             SUMMER DRESS
  Blue/white checked summer dress. White polo T-shirt (a T-shirt with a collar)
  Grey cotton trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore. White, grey socks.
  Black sandals, shoes*.  Sandals must be enclosed or have a strong strap  and  must be worn with socks. Fabric sun hat for hot weather.

Nursery children.  Maryland sweatshirt or cardigan, polo shirts, royal blue or grey jogging bottoms or trousers( recommended for girls too), black shoes* or trainers.  

  Shoes*.  Plain black shoes, ideally with rubber soles. Broad, low heels, laces or buckles that come high up on the foot, so that feet are secure in the shoes (not slip-ons or with pointed toes). 
Shoes must be suitable for active play including running, skipping, jumping, balancing, climbing.

  P.E KIT 
  P.E. kit should be brought in on Mondays so it is available throughout the week.  It should be taken home for washing on Fridays and must be returned clean on the following Monday. 
  P.E. kit should be stored in a plimsoll bag/kit bag (the school uniform stockists and local shops sell suitable P.E. kit bags).

  INDOOR – Infants
  A house coloured T shirt (red, blue, green, orange or yellow) and black shorts and bare feet or plimsolls for indoor P.E

  OUTDOOR – Infants
  Black shorts, house coloured T shirt, socks and plimsolls.  They may wear black unbranded tracksuits or jogging bottoms and jumpers in very cold weather.

  INDOOR – Juniors
  A house coloured T shirt (red, blue, green, orange or yellow) and black shorts.  The children will do indoor P.E. in bare feet for dance and gym.

  OUTDOOR – Juniors
  Black shorts, house coloured T shirts, socks, plimsolls or light-weight training shoes.  They may wear black unbranded tracksuits or jogging bottoms and jumpers in very cold weather.

For health and hygiene reasons children must change out of their school uniform for P.E.  This includes footwear. Children should not wear jewellery during P.E. for safety reasons.  
Religious symbols may need to be removed or secured in some way during P.E. You will be informed of your child’s house colour when they join the school. House colour T shirts should be ordered and bought through the school for consistency in P.E. kit.

 On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are medical alert items, earring studs in pierced ears, and small objects of religious significance. However, parents must realise that wearing such jewellery may cause injury during active times, such as P.E. and playtimes. The school will not be held responsible for loss or damage of jewellery belonging to children.

  Y6 children who are taken swimming by the school will need the following kit:

  A one piece swim suit, swimming cap and towel.  Goggles are optional.

  A pair of regular swimming trunks and towel. Goggles are optional.

  The swimming pool staff will not allow children to wear earplugs, nose-clips or jewellery.
  Earrings must be removed.

Please ensure that your child’s clothes are clearly labelled with their name.  If your child loses an item of clothing at school, please check the lost property box.

The school uniform can be bought online from our supplier, Brigade Clothing Ltd. at www. or ordered from the school office.
The school accepts no responsibility for items of clothing lost or damaged.