Education for Change


A warm welcome from the E4C curriculum team


                                                                                             OUR PHILOSOPHY AND AIMS

  • Maryland is located in Newham, the most ethnically diverse local authority in Britain and Europe. The school embeds equality and  eliminate racial discrimination. 
  • As an E4C model school we demonstrate that we empower staff, teachers, children, young people and communities with the courage, confidence, and self-belief to create a safe environment for meaningful conversations about the existence and impact of racism – ultimately shifting mindsets, raising expectations, and changing lives. All pupils and staff are expected to further this objective as part of our moral and statutory duty in the Equality Act, 2010. Racism is addressed across the curriculum for example in English, CPSHE, history, geography, religious studies, 
  • Maryland Primary School promotes race equality and actively tackle racial discrimination within all areas of school life. 


  ‘the future of the world is in this school’

‘let us learn from the past, educate in the present so that we can live a better future’.


Arts project … our pledge 

This project will be fun.

It will be exciting and will inspire courageous conversations. This project will bring out our children’s talents, broaden their interests and develop their personal qualities. To do this, teachers delivering the project must aim to foster confidence, perseverance, tolerance and integrity. The project will enhance communication skills, embrace creativity, encourage teamwork and to promote an outward-looking mentality.

Why choose Art as the medium to teach about change and diversity?

Art is cross-curricular

Learning through Art about subjects such as History and English, enriches the very nature of those subjects, bringing them to life visually. Art lends itself perfectly not only to academic subjects, but to understanding the E4C pedagogical approach to learning.





Reference Library Rationale

The library is for reference only – this ensures that the correct themed book is carefully selected by an individual or based on a recommendation by a member of the E4C team to enhance teaching practice. Care must be taken to consider the needs of a particular cohort or individual to maintain a positive and cohesive curriculum that supports equality, diversity and inclusion.

It has been established to heighten the awareness of racism in both the school and community environment. Its intent is to integrate quality into everyday work practice. The aim is to enhance conversations about equality, diversity and inclusion.

It has been developed for use by all teaching staff within the school to use as additional resources to inspire people to treat others fairly. This also provides opportunities for dialogue and conversations about racism. The library is also intended to support our parents, consulting with them on the material, promoting positive content in a monthly newsletter and delivering these to the parents through an E4C presentation.

It is a valuable training resource to develop the mindset to have those courageous conversations which address racism through the curriculum.

The library will empower all staff to have meaningful conversations about the existence and impact of racism and will ultimately shift mindsets, raise expectations and change lives.

For each book, structured guidance provides teachers with thought provoking questions, background notes, further reflection points and suggested cross curricula links. This ensures that it ‘makes the uncomfortable comfortable’.



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