Staff List

Leadership TeamTeachersSupport StaffAdmin TeamFamily Support WorkerChildren's Centre Staff

Lorna Jackson
Head Teacher


Anastasia Boreham


Deputy Head Teacher



Darren Lock


Deputy Head Teacher




Olasimbo Simisaiye


Senior Assistant Head Teacher SENDCo



Nicole Morbin


Assistant Head Teacher




Year 6

Miss Furlonger (Subject leader for French) – Class 14

Miss Spicer (Subject leader for English) – Class 13


Year 5

Mr England – Class 12

Mr Watson – Class 11 


Year 4

Miss Cates – Class 10

Miss James (Subject leader for History and Geography) – Class 9


Year 3

Miss Khan (Subject leader for Computing)  – Class 8

Miss Storey – Class 7


Year 2

Mrs Garside (Subject leader for Music) & Mrs Thomas – Class 6

Miss Charlery (Creative arts & D+T subject leader) – Class 5


Year 1

Miss Ahmed – Class 4

Miss St. Rose – Class 3



Mrs Marsh – Class 2

Miss Hayes – Class 1



Mrs Wason – Nursery Lead with responsibilities for EYFS & transition


Float teachers

Mrs Islam

Mr Hoque – PE subject leader and joint OHSL lead 

Teacher Assistants

Miss Frary – Year 6

Mrs Ishaq  – Year 5

Mrs Pasik – Year 4

Mrs Ashby  – Year 3

Mrs Sharif  – Class 6

Miss Mitchell – Class 5

Mrs Manku – Class 4

Miss Supiya – Class 3

Mrs Blake – Class 2

Mrs Khan/Miss Trew – Class 1

Mrs Reynolds – HLTA

Mrs Church – STA   


Support Teacher Assistants
    Miss Shoucair – LSA

Miss Ahmed – LSA

Ms Page – SEND TA

Mr Mahmood – LSA

Mrs Oduyoye – LSA

Mr Kallander – LSA


Academic Assistants: Miss King


Nursery Nurse: Mrs Zafar


Nursery Teaching Assistants
Mrs Serkan
Miss Lester

Miss Orriss


  Learning Mentor
Mrs Skeen


Mrs Qureshi​
Mrs Hassan


Head cook: Drana Zalli


Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Hassan, Mrs Mohamed, Ms Joseph, Mrs Bhadlia, Mrs Begum, Mrs Khichane, Mrs Potia, Mrs Azad & Mrs Uddin


Mrs Leon

Finance and Admin Manager


Mrs Gajowska

Admin Assistant and Technical Manager


Mrs Ansary

Admin Assistant and Technical Manager


Mr McDonald

Receptionist/Admin Assistant


Mr Lewis

Site Supervisor


Mr Hamid

Site Supervisor


Ms Sevgi Kor

Family Support Worker and Deputy Safeguarding Officer


Ms Kor supports the school in its vision to ensure that all pupils of Maryland Primary School reach their full potential by removing barriers to learning.

Her key roles, amongst others, include:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of attendance and punctuality within our school community.
  • Offering practical suggestions & advice on social and economic issues, to families.
  • Facilitating weekly sessions that help individuals develop independence, self-esteem and confidence, necessary for social integration and collaboration.
  • Promoting parental involvement and engagement

Our family support worker is available to support parents with any of the points listed above. Mrs Kor can be found in the playground at the start of the school day should you wish to see her for an appointment. Alternatively, you can contact her on 02085348135 or via the school email:

She is available between 9.15am – 3.45pm, Monday to Friday during term times.



Mr Lock

Deputy Head Teacher



Mrs Bennett

Centre Co-ordinator



Mrs Malcolm

Part time SBiL Family Support Worker

Mr Ugbolue

Family Support Worker