Our Teachers

Year 6
Miss Rossiter – Class 14 teacher and subject leader for French
Miss Spicer – Class 13 teacher, subject leader for Literacy and Art

Year 5
Mr Jarvis – Class 12 teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, KS2 phase leader, co-assessment lead and strategic lead for ICT
Mr Peters – Class 11 teacher and subject leader for ICT

Year 4
Miss Boreham – Class 10 teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, co-curriculum lead, subject leader for Science and DT
Mrs Garside – Class 9 teacher

Year 3
Mr Lock – Class 8 teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, subject leader for Maths
Mr Hoque – Class 7 teacher

Year 2
Miss Steele – Class 6 teacher and subject leader for Humanities (History, Geography and R.E)
Miss Charlery – Class 5 teacher

Year 1
Miss Harding – Class 4 teacher and KS1 phase leader
Miss McMillan – Class 3 teacher

Miss Richards – Class 2 teacher
Miss Moosa – Class 1 teacher and Foundation stage leader

Mrs Wason – Nursery teacher and leader

Float teachers
Mrs Islam
Mrs Marsh