Sports Premium

PE Sports Premium 2016-2017 at Maryland Primary

For information on our Sports Premium spend for this academic year please click here.

Last academic year – 2015-2016

The PE pupil premium funding of £9400 was allocated to improve the provision of Physical Education and school sport. Maryland used this funding to support the delivery of high quality PE and school sports by working with the specialists at Cumberland School Sports Partnership and in the following ways.

  • A specialist PE Teacher worked alongside teachers, team teaching to enhance the quality of teaching and pupils’ experience in the subject, especially in gymnastics. Whole school CPD focussing on  gymnastics was provided through our partnership with Cumberland in 3 staff meetings resulted in improved teaching and particularly progression, throughout the school.
  • Provision of coaches to add at least 2 more after school sports clubs, including one for KS1 pupils, so getting a further 40 pupils involved in sporting activities after school.
  • Resources for our newly built MUGA and re-configured sports area in the junior playground were designed and built to enhance active play, PE curriculum delivery and after school sports club resourcing. Impact has been very successful and the rotas are working well to give all junior yeargroups playing time in all areas. New layout has facilitated the introduction of handball as a school sport from Sept 2016.
  • We ensured all pupils experienced competitive school sports in a range of activities.
  • KS1 multi-skills competition led by year 5 & 6 play leaders.
  • KS2 athletics competition
  • Yr 2 – 6 dance mat competition
  • Year 1 – 6 Sports day
  • KS1 & KS2 ‘danceathon’ (charity fundraiser)
  • Selected Yr 5 & 6 Newham indoor athletics competitions
  • Year 6 2km run in Olympic Park.

We ensured the PE curriculum was complemented by a range of traditional and new alternative activities that ran during and after the school day, encouraging them to lead lifelong, active, healthy lifestyles.

  • Number of sports-related after school clubs – 9 (providing 180 places allocated in a variety of sports clubs)
  • Clubs led by specialist PE teachers, coaches and school staff.
  • Additional clubs provided by quality assured coaches .
  • Lunchtime managers and pupil playleaders trained to lead playground games .
  • Yr 4, 5 & 6 Maryland Movers dance troupe performed for parents and external events.
  • A variety of new resources purchased to enhance playtime and lunchtime games e.g. and sports discs.
  • Summer term 2016 an external coach employed for lunchtime to engage a group of Year 6 pupils. Highly successful at reducing conflict and playground incidents at the same time as improving games skills with Year 6 and other yeargroups.