Maryland Enterprise Projects

At Maryland enterprise is very important. We have encouraged our children to become entrepreneurs and take responsibility for a range of projects alongside members of staff.

Here are just a few examples of what we have been getting up to.

During Autumn 2014, some of the Year 5’s supported the Nature Club and harvested the abundant lavender our school has. The children then sold this as fragrant bags. Year 5 smelt very calming during harvesting and production time. The delicate bags were sold alongside the egg sales and demand was so high, we have a waiting list for next year!

Our beloved chickens are still laying whopper size eggs. Some of our knowledgeable Eggsperts sell the eggs every Tuesday, outside the Junior Hall. All the money raised goes towards the upkeep of our regal girls.

Last Summer, we had a bumper crop of beetroot, sweetcorn, courgettes, chard and other juicy vegetables from the Nature Garden. Children from across the whole school took real care to water the plants regularly. This resulted in our best harvest ever. Some of the produce was sold alongside the eggs so we began our very own Maryland Farm Shop.

This year, due to the support from parents and our community, we have had a great response from Morrison’s Let’s Grow vouchers.

Due to record numbers, we have been rewarded with over 100 packs of vegetable seeds.

You know what this means, our vegetables should be even higher in numbers! For Summer 2015, we plan to grow more in our Family Centre and a permanent village garden in our Nursery.

We have used the experience of our chicken business to help us write persuasive letters to the main supermarkets, asking for investment. We had personal responses from the CEO’s of Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. It was Asda who liked our letter the most and asked their customers to support Maryland’s enterprise. The children were awarded a £50 voucher and we were on their company website for a while. Asda were so impressed with Maryland children and the fact that they were not asking for money directly, but being constructive by opening their own business.

We also eggs-plored the language of eggs to help us write a sales pitch. Which word do you like the best?


Some parents were not sure of the difference between a supermarket egg and our fresh, delicious ones. We wrote a sales pitch to explain to our customers why £2 was an absolute bargain for our 6 delicious eggs.

(After all, it’s not often you get a blue egg!) Can you see them below? Which one do you think belongs to our girls?

We have also set up an Eco Warrior team who help and review our energy bills. We have been keeping a record of our daily energy use and reminding everyone to switch things off, if we’re not using them. Recycling has increased and we even won an award for cutting our food waste by turning it into compost.

In Summer 2014, we were approached by John Lewis, to set up a children’s Design Team called ‘Little Panel’. The children were asked to review various items such as toys, bedding and furniture for children. We were also asked to design a duvet cover. We appeared in the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and other national newspapers.

Kai’s design was chosen. If you visit the flagship John Lewis store in Stratford, you will see his design for sale. Go Maryland!

Our Friends of Maryland, The Gate Library and social hub on Woodgrange Road gathered to have a spring clean for Nature’s Garden. We couldn’t have wished for a better ‘Big Dig’ gardening event, well oiled with tea and biscuits. With a long list to complete it took no time at all: cutting, planting, clearing and watering ready for the children to use for enjoyment and learning in our summer term. ​

After the success of the initial Big Dig, they  take place during the Spring and Summer holidays, keep your eye on our Twitter account for dates. We would love to see you!