School Project For This Term

Project Brief

What’s the problem with plastic?

How to be more sustainable

For the last two projects we have looked into the past, now it’s time to look to the future!

We would like every child to carry out a research project on sustainability and how we can be more sustainable at school and at home. The focus of this project will be ideas for reducing plastic waste.

Possible project ideas:

  • Carrying out surveys such as counting up how much plastic is used over time and ways we could reduce this
  • Researching which supermarkets use the least plastic
  • Researching the impact of plastic thrown in to rivers and oceans
  • A design idea for how plastic can be reused rather than thrown away
  • Describe the ‘life’ of plastic, from its origins to its end, for example the life of a plastic bag

There is no set way for this project to be presented; projects could be built, handwritten, typed, drawn, videoed or designed in your own way– the more imaginative the better!  

All the projects will be exhibited in the Infant Hall.

Alongside the project we will be teaching children about reducing  plastic use in school to make Maryland pupils more aware of how they can be sustainable. All classes will compile the best ideas to write a class pledge that will be presented to the whole school. We will be compiling for a whole school pledge that we will publish and send to the Mayor of London.

Key dates:

 Parent presentation in the Children’s Centre Date to be confirmed

28.11.18: Class pledges

10.12.18: Project deadline.

12.12.18: Project exhibition in the Infant Hall 3pm

14.12.18: Projects to be taken home

Any questions, please ask Ms Boreham.