School Theme For This Term

Project Brief

Projects: Celebrating Britain

Spring 2017

We will be continuing with our theme: Being in Britain- what makes us great?

This term, we will be looking at British music. Themes you could look at, are:

  • a specific British musical artist from the past
  • a specific British musical artist from the present
  • the history of music in Britain
  • create your own music video based on a British artist
  • musicals based in Britain
  • PowerPoint or video (please note that these should be put on to a memory stick)

There is no set way for this theme to be tackled; projects could be built, hand written, typed, drawn, videoed or designed in your own way- the more imaginative the better!  The deadline is Thursday 30th March 2017 and there will be an exhibition from 3.15-3.45 that afternoon.