School Theme For This Term

Project Brief

Projects: Celebrating Britishness

Summer 2017

We will be continuing with our theme: Being in Britain- what makes us great?

This term, we will be looking at British design and more specifically, design found in London. You can explore London fashion or London architecture. Themes you could look at, are:

  • a specific fashion designer
  • designing your own London fashion line
  • timeline of the history of London fashion- how has it changed?
  • a specific London architect
  • landscape drawing showing the London skyline
  • the design of a specific London building
  • build a scale model of a specific London building
  • powerpoint or video (please note that these should be put on to a memory stick)
  • how has London changed over time?


There is no set way for this theme to be tackled; projects could be built, hand written, word processed or recorded. The deadline is the week commencing Monday 3rd July 2017 and there will be an exhibition from 3-3.30 on Friday 7th July 2017.


Any questions, please ask Miss Steele in class 6.