School Theme For This Term

Project Brief

Autumn 2017 Projects

Projects: Who do you think you are?

Research and design your family tree.

Your family tree must include:

  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • their link to you (e.g. Grandmother, grandfather)
  • connecting lines

If available, please include any extra details such as photographs, jobs or any other interesting information about your family.

On the back of your family tree, please include some writing about your family. This could be a written interview with one of your family members, or a written description of who you look like or, any  behaviour you may share with your family.

A4 sized templates of the family tree are available in the office,  if needed. 

Projects could be hand written, typed, drawn or 3D. The deadline is the week commencing Monday 11th December 2017 and there will be an exhibition from 3-3.30pm on Thursday 14th December.

Any questions, please ask Ms Boreham.