School Project For This Term

Project Brief

Summer 2018  Project

       Celebrating Maryland at 50!

      A local study of Maryland

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we would like every child to carry out a research project about the history and heritage of Maryland. It could be simply the history of the school, or wider research about our local community.  

Some ideas: you could compare the school today to how it was 50 years ago, and describe how the school and area has changed over the last 50 years.  You could include a timeline of the school with key dates and events. Part of your research could find out about important people that make Maryland unique. For example, what are our links to Maryland and Virginia, USA?  Alternatively, who was Richard Lee and what happened to his house?  

A good source of information about the school and the local area is in our local library.  Newham Archives is located on the first floor of Stratford Library, they are very useful and have many books, photographs and maps of the local area dating back hundreds of years. They are open Tuesday and Thursday 2.30pm- 5pm and provide an excellent starting point for this project.

There is no set way for this project to be presented; projects could be built, handwritten, typed, drawn, videoed or designed in your own way– the more imaginative the better!  All the projects will be exhibited in the Infant Hall and will form part of our celebrations for this important school year.

Key dates:

25.6.18: Project deadline.

27.6.18: Project exhibition in the Infant Hall 3pm

29.6.18: Projects to be taken home

Any questions, please ask Ms Boreham.